Together 4 Youth bespoke suite of social and learning support programs

Our services

Our services

Together 4 Youth bespoke suite of social and learning support programs

Together 4 Youth makes it easy for schools to access and deliver a bespoke suite of programs from social and learning to transition to the world of work, delivered by our network or evidence-based for purpose youth-focused organisations. Opportunities range from (one) hour workshops to multi-week and multi-term personal development and mentoring programs.


Together 4 Youth partners have decades of experience providing support in the wellbeing space.

  • Mental health – programs to break the stigma of mental health and arm students to monitor, assist, seek assistance and support their peers in and around mental health.
  • Resilience – a variety of programs to build students’ resilience and coping skills so that they can handle the events and challenges life throws their way.
  • Social & Emotional Learning – diverse programs as well as gender specific formats dealing with personal behaviour, social interactions and relationships.
  • Bullying – programs to deal with on-line cyber bullying and gender based bullying and victimisation.
  • Consent Education – programs designed specifically to examine and discuss consent and sexual based understanding and empowerment.
Together 4 Youth wellbeing
Together 4 Youth transition

Engagement and Transition From School

Transitioning from school to life beyond can be daunting. Together 4 Youth partners have programs that build the confidence and skills to make this leap.

  • From school to the big world – a range of programs encouraging young people to think about life after school, introduce them to the world of work and prepare them to become confident and capable young adults ready to tackle the world outside of school.


Together 4 Youth partners offer a range of comprehensive mentoring services for young people to assist them through their school journey.

  • In class – extra in-class mentoring to assist students reach their potential.
  • Extra-curricular – extensive mentoring external to the classroom.
Together 4 Youth mentoring