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Our Network

Our respected network of organisations will assist your school to provide a comprehensive suite of social and emotional learning programs that support student wellbeing and help them achieve their best as they travel into and through secondary education and beyond.


Australian Business and Community Network

Our corporate mentors support the development of students’ skills and mindsets, confidence and aspiration, so they can achieve more than they thought was possible.



Our programs for school, uni and work aim to remove the stigma around mental health and engage, educate and empower.


Beacon Foundation

Our connections between business and industry help us create real world education experiences that bring work exposure and career awareness to young people.


b kinder foundation

Through early intervention, our evidence-based wellbeing programs and resources empower and inspire children in their pivotal years to become kinder, more empathetic & more compassionate, ultimately helping reduce mental health issues, bullying and suicide.


Big Brother Big Sister

Our community-based mentoring program offers stability and consistency for young people in need of support through one-to- one mentoring.


Ed Connect

We connect volunteers who want to make a difference, with young people in school who need extra help and guidance, be it mentoring or learning support.


Enlighten Education

Our award-winning school programs & workshops encourage teenage girls to decode the mixed messages they receive and help them develop self-worth and resilience.


Harrison Riedel Foundation

Our prevention programs, the YourCrew app and YourCrew Classroom, promote proactive help-seeking in youth. We guide youth to foster positive, trusted, and supportive relationships empowering them with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate challenges, paving the way for a smoother journey toward personal well-being.


Mission Australia

Our integrated nationwide services help people find safe and affordable housing, support disadvantaged children and families, empower troubled young people, assist people with mental illness and disability, and much more.

Project Rockit

We send highly trained, passionate young presenters into schools to run workshops that empower students to lead positive change at school, online and beyond.



We provide young people with a caring, independent volunteer mentor who shows up each week, just for them to talk through life’s challenges and help them cope better, today and in the future.



We run 100% youth-led workshops and weekends away. All of them are about pushing comfort zones, chatting about life and getting to meet awesome new people.


Sammy D Foundation

Our programs for schools and sporting clubs work to reduce bullying, violence and alcohol and other drug misuse in their community by providing relevant age-appropriate knowledge and tools to empower young people to make positive life choices.


Stride Education

Our programs offer key tools, or what we call STRIDE STEPS, that offer practical and easy to implement skills that help our students take life in their stride.


Top Blokes

We work with groups of boys and young men to increase their resilience, empathy, and respect for self and others, and in doing so work to reduce the rates of suicides, mental health issues, antisocial and risk-taking behaviours.



A leading online safety and digital wellbeing education organisation delivering empowered online safety education for all through a unique strengths-based, pro technology approach, ensuring school communities have the skills and knowledge to truly thrive online.


Youth Opportunities

We equip young people with the skills to overcome adversity, build resilience and optimism and prepare for the future, while also providing access to opportunities which reduce barriers to achieving their potential.

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